Why do I need a property manager?

You may not, most of our client’s have the basic know how to manage their investment but not the time or find that their energy is better suited towards other areas.  Managing your investment effectively and being available to resolve maintenance and other concerns can be a demanding job.

What are the benefits of having my investment professionally managed?

An experienced, honest and reputable property manager will not only allow you to enjoy the rewards of the investment without the headaches but can also help reduce delinquencies, liability and determine accurate rental values.  Our team member’s are honest, licensed, dependable and experienced.  We keep a close eye on our market and stay up to date on all related laws and regulations.

What is the cost of having a property manager?

In an effort to simplify the process there will be just 2 clear charges per home with NO upfront costs. A leasing fees equal 1/2 a months rent as well as a monthly management charges that ranges from 5-8% of the monthly rental amount.

Differences between property management companies?

Experience, cost and services offered to both the investors, as well as, the tenant will be the biggest differences when choosing a managing company.  We have found most companies choose to be the “one stop shop” in all real estate needs, however we have found it hard to be an expert in all aspects of real estate.   This is why we focus on managing investments, rather the sales.

How to determine rental rate for our property?

This is a service we are happy offer FREE of charge.  There are a lot of factors to consider when determining a rental rate starting with location, size, condition, comparable properties and changes in the market.  Again we are happy to look into these for you and make recommendations on your rentals FREE of charge.

What is your screening process for tenants?

Every applicant will be fully qualified though a credit and national criminal background check, as well as, ensuring their financial qualifications.  We have found by keeping a strict, consistent screening process for all adult occupants, it will allow you to reduce turnover, delinquency and overhead which in turn, saves money while better protecting your investment.

How do you handle rent distribution?

Rent is collected and held in a Trust by Sensible Home Management before being distributed to homeowners.  This allows us to pay for any vendors or services before distributing funds.

Are you and your service team licensed and insured?

Yes. Unless specified by the homeowner all of our vendors are required to be licensed/insured, as well as, all of the necessary management staff.

Do you resolve and facilitate legal issues?

Yes. Depending on your property’s location and county, we have specific legal firm we contract with.

When do I receive account updates?

We send monthly updates along with rent disbursements and quarterly summaries.  This can be modified to meet individual owner’s preferences.

Have more questions? Contact us Directly: 425-372-7226