Sensible Home Management Slumlords

Tacoma Washington

Renters Beware!

This website explains how Sensible Home Management exploits unsuspecting renters. 

Shana Molt – Slum Owner who lives in California and owns this “Investment property” in Tacoma Washington. After the molts purchased this property they turned the garage into a makeshift studio so they could cash in on low-income renters. They hired Sensible home to manage their cash siphoning schemes. 

Issues With Property at 614 S 35th Street and Sensible Home Management

After we paid rent on time every month and dealt with a deluge of ongoing issues, the management company “offered” a 20% rent increase. 

  1. Brown water – For the last few months brown water was coming out of the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  2. Constant issues with crime, vehicle package thefts, neighbors selling drugs, fighting, and running a commercial scrap yard out of their backyard. 
  3. The listing photos are fraudulent. The listing showed a bedroom that was part of a separate garage turned in-law studio. 
  4. There were multiple issues with the property at move-in. It was pretty dirty and damaged. We left the home in a better state and were charged about $1,800 in fraudulent outlandish service cleaning fees. 
  5. During our time there, we had to take off work to deal with constant repair issues, mice infestations, and home appraisals. Often fielding coordinating with their vendors. 
  6. Garbage disposal – The last tenants stole the disposal and we were told it would be replaced. That didn’t happen. Then we were told one would be covered up to $600 if we had it installed. When the invoice was presented,  we were never credited. The sink constantly backed up without one. 
  7. Issues with erroneous utility charges were also frequent. 
  8. Trash service comes to the bottom of 35th every other Tuesday. You can’t take it to the back alley because the tenant there has it blocked. 
  9. Mice infestations – This along with silverfish, spiders, and ants are common. 
  10. Dishwasher leaks – We reported the leaks and after minor repairs were made, it still leaks and exploded the counter. There’s black mold from this. 
  11. EMF poor wiring – The wiring throughout the house has dangerous levels of EMF radiation. Less than 30 is normal, over 50 is dangerous. Several outlets read at 88 or higher. 
  12. No Credit Reporting – We were told Sensible Home reports timely rent payments to credit agencies. Never saw this come to fruition. 
  13. Mold levels – The home was tested for mold and found to be very high and at unhealthy levels throughout the property. We paid for tests. Sensible home dismissed this complaint. 
  14. Some of the wall heaters downstairs don’t work and never have.